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LoveBirds Bridal Shower

Love is in the air!  Bridal showers are a blast, Lisa and I have both attended and thrown some great ones.  But this is one shower that was very close to us both, finally it was Lisa's turn to have a bridal shower, and I got to help host it!!! I felt so blessed to have this chance to honor my best friend, cousin and blog partner.  For someone who always throws amazing parties for everyone else, I set high expectations for Lisa's, she deserves the best!

I thought for weeks about the perfect theme for Lisa's shower, one that was totally her, but didn't leave the groom out.  After tossing around many ideas one stuck, a Lovebirds Bridal Shower!  It was perfectly Lisa, since one of her favorite animals is a peacock, and this allowed us to incorporate peacocks without having a whole shower dedicated just to that one bird.  Plus, the important part to me was it captured Lisa and her fiance Joe's love for each other, and what's cuter than lovebirds?

My aunt and I hosted the shower and together we combined our resources to result in a Lovebird Bridal Shower that incorporated the theme from the decor, to the food, all the way to the games. Our aunts all contributed a tasty dish that fit the theme and together we enjoyed playing some bridal games and getting to celebrate Lisa's transition to a Mrs. 

What's great is all Lovebirds Bridal Shower can also be used for a Nesting Baby Shower.  Kill two birds with one stone, right?! (that was an attempt at a bird joke if you were wondering). So check out how to throw a Lovebirds Bridal Shower with all the details you need right here.

Colors: Purple, Blue, Green & Pink


Lovebirds banner 
  • Our Aunt throwing the shower made 2 banners to hang in different party spaces. One saying "From Miss to Mrs." and another "Joe and Lisa" both decorated with lovebirds.
Hanging Paper Birdcages
Egg Ornaments
  • hang from the ceiling at different heights, place in jars and around party tables
Apothecary Vases
  • Choose vases of various sizes. Can place grass & chocolate candied robin eggs in one, another can have grass & egg ornaments. Fill with fake birds.
  • add greenery to the table by placing topiaries and grass.  We stuck our Berry Patch kabobs into grass!
Peacock feathers
  • Since Lisa loves peacocks and it's tailored to our bird theme we used her peacock feathers on our "featherbrained" game table.
Bird Figurines/Bird Houses/Bird Cages
  •  Scatter these around the party space by clipping birds onto plants, placing in vases, around the food, and on mantles.

Guest Book

 “Sweetest Wishes for the soon to be Mrs.”
  • Guests fill out a wish for the bride and then precede to hang the paper birds from a bird cage.
  • Bride keeps these well wishes as mementos from the shower.

“Blue Jay” Juice 
  • Blue Hawaiin punch, sprite, pineapple juice (nonalcoholic) 
“Cardinal” Cranberry Champagne Cocktail
  • Cranberry juice, champagne (moscato is great!), limes, frozen cranberries


Nuts & Birdseed
  • some munching nuts (cashews, almonds, sunflower etc)
Cranberry Salsa & Mango Salsa -
  • Fruit Salsas are perfect for a lovebirds shower appetizer and doesn't require utensils.  Check out Lisa's recipe on the Cranberry Salsa post.
Berry Patch 
  • Berry Fruit Kabobs – options: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries
  • Deviled Eggs make a hearty snack. Chocolate eggs make great dessert option.


Lovebirds Nests & Eggs
  • Peeps serve as the lovebirds, with nests being made from rice krispie treats pressed into mini muffin tins and topped with speckled candied chocolate egg.
Nest Sticks
  • Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks with sprinkles arranged in a nest form


Featherbrained Clothespin Game -
I wanted to come up with a specially made game with a bird theme in mind, so simply tailored the regular game.

To make: Purchase medium to large sized clothespins. Glue multiple feathers onto the clothespins, could have a peacock feather clothespin for the bride.

Each guest clips on a clothespin to their outfit. Throughout the shower guests try to catch fellow guests saying one of the chosen buzz words.  If someone says a buzz word you collect their pin, if someone catches you saying one of the words they collect yours.  Which ever guest has the most clothespins at the end of the shower wins!

Great third game to have because it continues throughout the shower, and doesn't take much time to play.

Buzz words for bridal shower: bride, groom, wedding, shower

Lovebirds Trivia 

A trivia game that covers the progression of the lovebirds relationship from the start, through the engagement, including details of the upcomi
ng wedding and the future plans of the couple.  What's great about this game is it allows the shower guests to learn more about the couple and also the details they can look forward to seeing on the big day!

We tailored the questions to fit them as a couple, making it more personal and special for everyone involved.  Some of these questions could be used for any bridal shower trivia game as long as they are altered to the couples situation. 

It was great fun for the guests to partner up and see just how much they knew the lovebirds.

Wedding Charades 

Perfect for a group with some personality, this game can have people dying of laughter once everyone warms up.  I chose a few wedding movies, songs, and of course the typical wedding parts that make up every wedding.
Separated into two teams, guests take turns coming up to act out the card they have drawn.  If your shower is inviting a variety of ages, this can be a great game to accommodate that, even the young kids know "the chicken dance".

Game Prizes/Guest Favors:

Ideas for themed prizes include
-lovebirds salt and pepper shakers
-lovebirds soap pairs
-egg candles
-heart shaped bird seed ornaments
-anything with birds pictured (thank you cards, decorative boxes, frames) etc.

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