Friday, February 14, 2014

"I love you because..." Message Frame

In lieu of Valentine's Day this seemed the perfect craft to feature.  What a great time to promote sharing love with one another.  This frame doesn't only have to be displayed during February.  In fact it should be available to use all the time! Who doesn't love a surprise cute message from their loved one.  Especially for those of you out there who believe Valentine's Day has only been elevated to market cards, flowers, chocolate and jewelry, an "I love you because..." board allows you to share your love all year round, and it barely costs a thing.

I love our message frame! I'm totally one of those people that get a thrill out of leaving little love and appreciation notes for my friends and family.  After seeing this idea from Life Sweet Life Blog I had to make one.  My husband and I frequently write messages on it, about 5 days or so I'd say.  Our messages switch between humorous and sentimental.  It's just a simple, 30 second way to share your appreciation for your partner.

Whether it's "I love you woke up early to scrape the car off," or "I love you give me your left over Chipotle," everyone loves to feel appreciated. 

*Scrapbook Paper & Letter Stickers OR Printable Template
*Erasable Marker

You can easily make your own to fit your style of decor.  Maybe you want to make more of a holiday version by using red and pink colors, or heart paper to fit a Valentine's Day theme.  However, if you want it to serve as everyday decor the printable templates from Life Sweet Life are easily accessible and print nicely.  She has 5 colors to choose from with a chevron background.  Also, easy to convert to the size frame you wish to use.

You can share this with not only your partner, but your whole family too if you'd like.  Parents maybe you'll get a message from your kids surprising you with their gratefulness.  You can always hope. These also make great additions to wedding gifts to encourage the couple to share their love with one another.  You can even write a message to the couple on the gift.  So share the love.

Make yourself and your spouse, or boyfriend/girlfriend, an "I love you" message board.  It makes a sentimental gift that anyone can pull together.  

Take it upon yourself to spread the love and you're sure to get some back.

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