Friday, February 21, 2014


Since Marie and I usually plan many of our posts in advance, I thought it might be fun to write a "current state of affairs" post. Plus, I'm cooped up inside and this is my home office view for the day. What you are seeing is the lovely state we call home. Also known as Minnesnowta, Minnearctic, Winterland and #worstwinterever.

This winter has been horrible. There have been weeks of bone chilling cold (seriously, no one should live somewhere that gets to -50 degrees with windchill!) and long days of snow. The upside for many has been snowdays from school and work from home days, sometimes a nice surprise break in life. This winter may be dragging on with no end in sight... but I have some fun ideas for you! Browse through the blog if you haven't read through it in awhile or check out our Pinterest page. Plan out some recipes, find a good book to read or pick your next craft project!

Below are a few links to some more great snow day activities!! 

Macaroni Snowflakes

Magazine Silhouettes

Ice Lanterns

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