Thursday, October 20, 2016

Little Pumpkin Baby Shower

We spent last weekend creating, cooking and crafting. Since the two of us live a couple hours apart, time together is such a blessing and a joy. We are so excited to share all of the recipes, ideas and pretty little details! This baby shower post is a long one but it is filled with recipes and decor that you could use for a bridal shower, fall themed bash or around your home this autumn season!

Little Pumpkin Shower

Baked Apples:
This was one of the best apple recipes that we have ever tried! Not only is it delicious but also requires very little prep time and ingredients that you will likely have already in your kitchen. To see the full recipe, check out our previous Baked Dessert Apples post

Pumpkin Spice S'more Bites:
- One package of marshmallows
- One package of graham crackers, crushed
- One package of candy melts or chocolate chips
Note: We used Pumpkin Spice candy melting chips from Michaels.

1. Follow the directions on the package for melting the candy chips or chocolate chips.
2. Place a stick or toothpick into the marshmallow. Then dip into the candy melts/chocolate. Our candy melts were a little dry so we had to spoon onto the bottom of the marshmallows.
3. Cover with graham crackers.Allow time to dry before displaying.

Guess the Number of Little Pumpkins:
This game is simple and some guests will love that it requires no toilet paper wrapping or smelling baby food jars (though we love those games too!). Fill a jar or two with pumpkin candies and have guests make a guess at the quantity throughout the shower. The person who guesses the closest gets to bring the jar home!

Guess the Size of the Little Pumpkin: 
Another baby shower game idea is to guess the size of the mommy-to-be's belly.  Guests estimate the measurement, cut the string and then the mommy-to-be sees who is the most accurate. For a pumpkin spin, have a large pumpkin and guests can guess those measurements as well. Or if you have a confident mommy-to-be, you could even see who is bigger!

Pumpkin Decorating:  
A fun activity can be to decorate small pumpkins, especially if your shower will be having a lot of younger guests. This could even turn into a guest favor!

Little Pumpkins:
We used a LOT of pumpkins for this shower decor. We purchased pumpkins from the Farmer's Market, Target, Michaels and Beyerlys. We scattered them on side tables and on the main table (full tablescape post coming soon!). They created some colorful pops of orange and white throughout the decor and food.

We found a printable on Pinterest and with some wooden boxes from Target, we had some darling shower decor!

If I haven't said this already, Belvoir is my FAV! I was excited to share these with Marie so that she could try it. Since they make a mini bottles of Ginger Beer with orange labels, I knew this had to be our party favor.

You could also tie a paper straw and a tag onto it for an escort card or table setting. They are a little pricey but make for a perfect take home gift for shower attendees!

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