Monday, March 3, 2014

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

I helped to plan a baby shower for a book-loving friend and was in charge of the decor. We were able to plan a simple morning shower with muffins, fruit and eggs served with tea and coffee. My goal was to theme the shower around Peter Rabbit because of the iconic children's book character. It also worked out well considering that the shower was in the spring and a few weeks before Easter, a time when bunny paraphernalia is everywhere.

- Guess the Baby Food. Remove the baby food labels and let guests smell (or even taste!) each baby food jar. The guest with the most answers correct wins.
- Color the Alphabet. Print out large empty block letters and spread them on a table. Guests should draw a picture of something that starts with each letter. ie. The "C" letter could have some carrots, a cat and a cactus.
- Have guests write words of wisdom for the new parents in a scrapbook or cards. Compile the encouraging notes for the parents to read.

- I found carrots, bunnies and eggs at my local Michael's store for inexpensive. Shop right after Easter to get a steal on some of those items.
- Grab a few Peter Rabbit books and display them throughout the area.
- Purchase a new teddy bear for the baby and dress it up with bunny ears.

For prizes, we gave away carrot shaped Reese's pieces candy packages. We also made sure to place some balloons throughout the shower area. Since the couple didn't know the gender of the baby, this was a great theme! since it focused on the cute Peter Rabbit, we could use pinks, blues and yellows in our decor. The parents to be also were able to take home the decor goodies.

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  1. Wow, these ideas are unbelievable dear. Thanks for this wonderful post. My sister is also expecting a baby and I want to host a special baby shower at beautiful San Francisco venues for her. Please suggest some theme ideas for me.