Thursday, March 13, 2014

DIY Quote Canvas

Another DIY activity that is always great is making quote canvases. They make perfect projects as you can create and customize in any way that you'd like depending on the person you are gifting it to, the room you are decorating or the mood you are in. They aren't time consuming. And of course, they are a blast! You can find affordable canvases at your local craft store or even at your local Walmart in the craft section.


- Any size canvas
- Acrylic Paint and brushes
- Stencil or cut out letters


1. I have painted the letters for my quotes a few different ways. The way that I prefer, start with painting the letter color onto the canvas first. Let the paint dry while you prep the quote
2. Using a Cricut and sticker maker, I cut out my desired quote. I then placed the letters on the canvas using some removalable sticky tack and painted the main color around them. I let the paint dry a bit and then peeled the sticky letters off, revealing the original paint beneath.
3. Touch up the letters if any of the main color leaked onto the quote letters.
4. Add any other paint, shapes or creative elements to finish your canvas.

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