Friday, March 21, 2014

Divergent Series

With the premier of the movie last night for the first book Divergent, I just had to share my love of the books!  Couldn't put the books down.  It's another series about a dystopian society, but it's one of my faves of what's out there.  You gotta love a series with strong female characters and a guy that falls in love with her for exactly who she is.  Plus the almost nonstop action keeps your pulse racing. 

I'm kind of a sucker for dystopian society novels, which is the rave right now in the young adult book world.  Trust me when I say I have read many a book on dystopian societies, and this is one that you got to read.  Definitely would rank this alongside The Hunger Games trilogy, another series I couldn't put down and just had to share through a Hunger Games post.  Both have got huge fan followings, and many who enjoyed one series liked the other too.  If I had to, I'd rank the Divergent series above The Hunger Games since I thought the writing style and details of the books were better executed. 

I thought Veronica Roth's concept of a society dissolved into factions that each are known for specific skills and philosophies was entertaining.  And her story telling makes it easy to imagine it all as events unfold.  The books are full of action.  As I read Divergent I'd catch myself holding my breath and so absorbed in the development of the characters I'd forget its not real.  Just when I'd recover the action would pickup again. Who says reading isn't like riding a roller coaster? I could easily imagine the plot and all the characters that Veronica Roth had me loving or hating.  Should be very interesting to see how my perception of Divergent differs from what appears on the big screen.  All I know is it'll be a lot of action, with seat gripping anticipation, so I'd better bring popcorn for some nervous munching. 

Like I said before, books that focus on dystopian societies are popular right now.  Their popularity stems from the fact that people like to ask "What if?" but enjoy seeing their "What if?" questions played out in a world that has the same rules as our own.  It's hard not to be captivated by looking at our world and a possible future world, and consider all those steps in between the two.  Also, the main characters in a dystopian book tend to discover they are strong, take charge of their lives individuals even in harsh environments.  They're characters we can admire and hope that deep down if we needed to be, we too would have that type of courage.  

Well you're in luck because the Divergent series will make you ask that "what if?".  Whether you're a teen or an adult, most enjoy a peek at a possible future.  Even a future that might appear as a utopia to some is a dystopia to others.  So read the books and see where you think you'd fit into this world. 

Are you Amity?  A person valuing happiness and strong relationships over justice? 
Or Candor?  If you see honesty and impartiality as more important than kindness that's you. 
Erudites focus on knowledge, acquiring more to control. 
Dauntless people feel freedom and justice are most important compared to safety, to comfort.
Or your final choice Abnegation where others matter and selflessness is valued most. 
Hard to pick huh? 

Maybe, you don't fall into just one of those categories. 
Maybe, just maybe, you're one of the few, the ones who call themselves Divergent?

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