Thursday, March 6, 2014

Refurbished DIY Jewelry Presenters

One of my recent hobbies is to take old pieces from around the house that are no longer in use and revamp them. There are so many different ideas out there to rehang your keys, reorganize your shoe storage or rearrange your closet. I found an old ribbon holder that my mom had cast aside due to the rods continually falling out, causing frustration. I used it to make a pretty jewelry holder.

I started by strategically rearranging the rods so that the bottom could hold necklaces, the middle would have room for bracelets and the top could hold rings. I also was thoughtful on which jewelry to hang on the rods, knowing that the rods were a pain if I needed to take them on and off. Once I picked out the right pieces to hang, I carefully lined them up on the rod to avoid having to take it off each time but could instead just take off each jewelry piece individually. The end result turned out cute and is a fun way to hang accessories!

Another idea that I saw recently is to take an old picture frame, or purchase one at the dollar store for cheap, and remove the glass. Then using old or new door knobs, glue them onto the frame to create hangers for necklaces or bracelets. This is much cheaper than a jewelry holder and this won't take up any dresser space!

You can use a similar concept of the knobs and frames when making a key holder. Your keys will stay organized but will look nice too!

I also love the idea of putting jewelry or hair accessories in fun apothecary jars or hanging them so that they are visually beautiful. Below are a few ideas that I came across and that I am totally diggin' at the moment!

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