Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cranberry Mason Jars

It is December! I can hardly believe we are entering the Christmas countdown. We had our first big snow here in Minnesota and that was a reality check that winter is upon us. Time to cozy up with some hot cocoa and make the house pretty, if you haven't started already!

Marie and I spent a little time over Thanksgiving weekend working on a mini blog shoot and are so excited to share our simple, inexpensive (we had most of the supplies in our houses already) and gorgeous winter tablescape with you!!

Cranberry Mason Jar DIY

- Fresh cranberries
- Mason jars of various sizes
- Pine branches
Note: We clipped a few from Marie's Christmas tree
- Floating candles

1. Start by filling each jar with a handful of fresh cranberries.
2. Add water to each jar.
3. Put a sprig of pine branch into the base of the jar.
4. Top with a floating candle.

Next, we wanted to take these jars and make them into a nice tablescape that you could showcase throughout the winter and for any upcoming holiday parties. We kept it fairly effortless and used pieces that we already had in our Christmas storage. Sorry for the lack of "before" photos, we were so excited about this one that we totally forgot!

- Cranberry mason jars
- Two fake pine and pinecone sprigs
Note: Found at Michaels or your local craft store
- Christmas bulbs

Monday, December 5, 2016

Reindeer Donut Pops

I hosted a Crazy Christmas lunch for a Christian girls group of 5th and 6th graders that I lead. We had so much fun and the girls really enjoyed themselves!

This is a similar idea to a mystery dinner or crazy dinner where the kids have to pick from the menu, having no idea what they are really ordering. We themed our lunch around Christmas so we named the different dishes things like: Olaf, snowflakes, poinsettia and elf.

Unfortunately, in the mad rush of prepping the meals, I did not have much of a chance to capture photos. Which is a bummer because the snowman-shaped sandwiches were darling!

I did, however, document the most important part: dessert. These reindeer donut pops were the final piece of the lunch and the girls were tickled!

Reindeer Donut Pops

- Package of small chocolate donuts
Note: You can use powered donuts for snowmen donut pops!
- Wilton's candy eyeballs
- Decor candies
Note: M&Ms work great as well
- Pretzels
- One bar of melting chocolate
- Lollipop sticks

1. Melt the chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds or until smooth.
2. Push the lollipop stick through the bottom and middle of the donut.
3. Dip the back of the candy eyeballs and candies in the melting chocolate and place on donut.
4. Break pretzels in half and dip the bottom of each half into the chocolate. Insert pretzel into the top of the donut to secure.
5. Allow some dry time before serving.