Monday, November 18, 2013

Traditional Diaper Cake

The new fad at baby showers, diaper cakes!  Instead of just giving the mommy-to-be diapers in a package, this is a fun way to dress it up, make it unique, and serve as part of the shower decor while still giving them a gift all new parents appreciate.  A diaper gift is a great gift idea to pair with something else, or depending on how over the top you get it could be your entire gift.

For my best friend, who was my college roommate and maid of honor, I had to try out this new trend!  She was expecting a baby girl, so I wanted to go with a soft pinks and white to keep it simple and girly.  With a touch of pink roses to add elegance, I thought it was perfect for a girl baby shower.  If you know the theme/colors ahead of time you can plan your diaper cake accordingly. I stuck with a traditional diaper cake gift, but there are a ton of options you can experiment with.

-Diapers (For 3 tiers, infant sized diapers I used 1 package)
-Cardboard for base
-Wrapping Paper/Tissue Paper (for base)
-Ribbon (thick and thin)
-Fake Flowers (we used 2 bunches from Dollar Store)
-Full paper towel roll
-Double stick tape

1. After purchasing or gathering supplies you're ready to start.
2. Cover the cardboard base in tissue or wrapping paper. I chose tissue paper because it had a softer look.
3. Place full paper towel roll in the middle of board.
4. By spacing the diapers around the paper towel create the bottom tier. Tilt diapers on their sides.  Using more diapers and larger spacing means a bigger base, so I stuck with keeping diapers closely overlapping to create a solid firm base.  Secure the tier using 2 thin ribbons around center of diapers. (helps to have someone else - thanks mom!)
5.  Continue to build diaper tiers, like step 4.
6.  Once you have your tiers all set and diapers evenly spaced and tied with the thin ribbon, you can add a thicker decorative ribbon.  I used double stick tape to secure larger ribbon.  Then using the scissors I curled the 2 thin ribbon strands around each tier and positioned them on either side of the decoration that came on the diapers.
7.  Finally I cute the stems off the fake flowers shorter and stuck them in the paper towel roll to serve as a cake topper.  Using 3 extra rose buds, I wedged them into the diaper tiers for a little pizzazz!

This is definitely a project worth trying, and any mom you make it for is sure to appreciate the thought!

My Traditional Diaper Cake

Tricycle Diaper Cake - Made by Melanie's sister

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