Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"She's Hooked!" Bridal Shower

Being an event planner, I have relished the privilege of being able to throw many, many showers over the last few years. I have had two brothers get married and countless friends get married and begin to have babies. It is a blast thinking of new theme ideas. A shower theme that fits the guest of honor's personality not only celebrates them, but also encourages the guests join in the fun.

One of the more recent showers that I put on was for my to-be sister-in-law. My brother loves to fish and I thought it brought a different spin on the whole "hitched" language. I themed it "Mary's Hooked!"

- I sent out an Evite that was categorized for a birthday party but that I edited for my theme. It had a large whale on the front and I had the title read: "She's Hooked!" If you're ok with being a little cheesy, you can throw in some words like "splashing" and "bubbly."

- Since the wedding colors included orange, navy blue and teal, I decided to have an orange and blue theme. The napkins, plates and invite were all themed with these colors.

- Large vases with either orange goldfish or sand/shells
- Reese's pieces (just the orange) and goldfish crackers
- Large "Hooked" framed sign

- Blue silk cloth draped on the table
- Blue balloons of different sizes, arranged to look like bubbles
- Orange paper fish and blue glass beads scattered on tables

- Crispy Shrimp and shrimp cocktail
- Veggie and fruit platter
- Cupcakes: I made vanilla (dyed blue) and chocolate cupcakes with white and blue frosting. To bring in the orange, I topped with a Reeses piece or gold fish.

Tasty blue "fish bowl" drink recipe:

- Sprint
- Pineapple juice
- Vodka (Skip this step to make kid-friendly)
- Blue Caraco (Skip this step to make kid-friendly)
- Sweet and Sour mix
- Put some nerds at the bottom of the glass to look like pebbles
- Place Swedish fish in the cup to make the fishbowl complete!
- Make it more fishy by using fish shaped ice cubes

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