Friday, November 8, 2013

Going undercover - It isn't just for hunters anymore!

This weekend is Deer Hunting Opener in Minnesota! For myself, my mom and my sister that means it's girls weekend. In other In the spirit of traditional hunting attire, I'd like to take a few lines to highlight two prints that not only have been prominent in fashion this fall but also seem to be ever trending in one way or another: camouflage and military. 


Think of camo print the same way that you might think of leather. It can look fantastic and daring if used with the right pieces and in small doses.  A couple ensemble ideas could include the use of camo flats or camo pants. Pair the flats with a neutral colored t-shirt and some gold jewelry to play off the greens. Try pairing the pants with a black top and simple accessories. Since camo can have the risk of appearing masculine, don't be afraid to pair it with heels or some lace to keep the outfit looking girly.

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Beautify camo pants with a sequin clutch

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The military style that I have spotted all over of late is the olive green jacket with black leather sleeves. 

If this doesn't catch your fancy, there are plenty of other military styles that can flatter any body type and look feminine. One style that had continued to grow is blouses with metal brads on the collar or shoulders. These add a touch of edge to the outfit but still look classy. 

One of my personal favorites is the military inspired vest. These can be worn with a simple t-shirt underneath and look great. My own military inspired, bradded vest is pictured below.

For two prints that are designed to help you blend in, these are sure ways to stand out! Whether seeking a deer or a new wardrobe stunner, happy hunting!

Photography by Jim Brickweg

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