Monday, November 25, 2013

Timeflies Concert

I had bought concert tickets for Joe to celebrate our 6 year anniversary (yes, wow, it's been that long!). Concert tickets make such wonderful gifts as they provide something to look forward to and a memory that won't soon be forgotten. This particular concert was featuring Timeflies. 

Timeflies is not incredibly well known but they have picked up traction the last few years. Joe loves their older music, more hip hop in genre, but also enjoys their current sound, which he calls "pop hop." Their recent songs include Believe and I Choose U, which are both upbeat and perfect pump-it-full-blast in your car type songs. 

While I can't say that I loved their openers, Timeflies sounded great and put on an entertaining show. It was a mixture of their older and newer music. At two points, they did some free style rapping about Minnesota and used different words the audience suggested (when they asked for suggestions, the whole crowd started chanting "USA"). They played a couple acoustic songs but otherwise, the concert was full of cool beats and bumping music. They included a few of their "Timeflies Tuesdays" songs in which they remix a pop song: Little Mermaid's Under the Sea, Katy Perry's Roar, Darius Rutcker's Wagon Wheel and Miley Cyrus' Own the Night

Check out our favorite song, I Choose U, and see what you think for yourself! 


  1. Just laughing a little/lot...six years and you go see a band called Timeflies? The irony is making me laugh!

    1. Gosh, we have gone to a number of concerts together so the timing of this one is pretty great!! Could've been worse right? :)