Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Suicide Roll

The suicide roll... an intriguing name for a hairstyle.

The first time this look caught my eye was on the singer/rapper from Karmin. This star has made the hairdo into her signature look and even does YouTube tutorials on how to achieve it. Since this isn't an everyday hairstyle that I could pull off, I was excited to try it on my sister for her oldies dance.

This look can be as tame and subtle or as crazy and out-there are you want it to be. But don't be anxious, I thought it was quite easy to do! Start with clean, straight hair. Make a fairly drastic part on one side and then rat up the hair in the front to give it volume. Smooth out the top and begin to twist the hair to position it to swoop across the forehead and to the side. Then, take the middle and end of the hair and continue to twist it into a large curl. Pin it with bobby pins and ta-da! Suicide roll complete.

In the end, it was an easy to complete and a unique hairstyle to sport. My beautiful sister (completely unplanned on her part) ended up looking like the original Barbie doll!

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