Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Chillow

Like anyone I get tired of infomercials; however, sometimes there is a gem amongst them.  Take the slap chop for instance.  Does anyone remember those great commercials? Well not only were the ads comedic, but it was a useful product.  Now Dave deserves credit for coming up with this birthday gift for me out of nowhere since we don't have cable and have not actually seen the TV ads (but the box the Chillow came in says "as seen on TV").  Anyways, this was a product I thought was worth sharing, since I've only had it a week and already am enjoying the benefits.

For those of you who are wondering, what the heck is a Chillow....well it's a pillow (kinda) that's chilled. Yup, pretty self-explanatory.  The genius in this product is its a cooling pad and for people like me that have a hotter body core temperature, this is a product I'm very thankful of.  It's easy to use, and with the help of physics it's no work for me! I get to enjoy a cooler night's sleep, no more night sweats for me!

All you do is fill with water when you first get the product and within a few hours the product works. You''ll have to ask someone else about the science of how it keeps cool. Dave tried to explain, something about air hitting the water in the pillow and it cools the water....but even if I don't get how it works, IT WORKS!

For cool: use the cloth side of the pillow
Cooler: use shiny side in a pillow case
Even Cooler: use the shiny side up
Coolest: Place in the fridge for 15 to 30 minutes and then use.

Any guesses which method I employ? If you guessed that I use the "Even Cooler" or "Coolest" you'd be right.  If you didn't guess that, then you don't know how warm I get. Just ask Dave. I get so warm I heat the bed like an oven. If I could develop a cooling mattress I would.  If you're a genius and have time on your hands, invent one for me. I'd be the first to buy. You can use this on your back, feet, legs, head (nice for headaches), etc. So if you were thinking about buying this product for $12 or just wondering if it was a scam or not, I am very happy with it.  Talk to me in the heat of the summer and we'll see if I'm a changed woman from it. So upgrade your pillow, and get a Chillow insert. All the cool people are!

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