Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Wedding Day" Bachelorette Party

In an effort to come up with a bachelorette party theme unique and new for my best friend, I created a "Wedding Day" Bachelorette Party.  The idea is to make a party that plays off of all the traditions of the Big Day.  Incorporating the wedding colors, and games that cater to both the theme and fun entertainment are key.  Here's all the details you need to throw a fun bachelorette party for the bride, as a memorable precursor to an unforgettable day.

*Note: Most of these need participation from the guests before the date of the party, so make sure to notify in advance to give ample time to prepare.

Colors: Use the Wedding Colors
-Implemented purple and green colors to represent the wedding colors and a splash of pink for a girly accent. 

Bride: White, Party: Purple
Attire: Bride wears white and guests wear an outfit in the bridesmaid dress color.
-Ladies wore purple and bride white. Pictured on left.
-Great opportunity to have the bride wear a fun veil.
Wedding Program, Bouquet for Toss, Cupcakes

 Guest Favors: 
-Tumbler cup or decorated glass for use during "Toasts" game and to take home.  Winners of Bouquet Toss and Exchanging of Rings keep game materials as prizes.  

I'm a big fan of balloons and streamers and no party would be a Marie party without them, so to add some flair and draw attention to the main table I created a backdrop out of them. (Pictured above)
-Bridal tribute: made a personalized sign using Wordle online to display. Sign contains attendees names, wedding terminology and traditions with fun facts about the bride. (Pictured)
-Wedding program: similar to a ceremony program display a program of the order of the events for the evening and those involved. (Pictured)
-Appetizers and punch (mock cocktail hour) or a sit down dinner (representing reception dinner)
-For dessert small cake or cupcakes depending on what bride is serving at the wedding. Cupcakes were the decision in Melanie's case.

1) Exchanging of Rings - Ring Toss
Bouquet for Toss, Bridal Tribute
- Like the bride and groom who exchange rings at the ceremony, guests will partner up.  For rings I chose large glow in the dark necklaces and each person has one.  Partners line up in two lines across from each other then step back a step, each time they exchange the rings without dropping them.  Winners are the pair who are furthest apart without dropping. 

2) Bouquet Toss
-Make a bouquet of fake flowers to mimic the wedding party bouquets, making sure to wrap the fake flowers in fabric to preserve.  
-Can display in a vase on the table for added decoration until use and good prize for lady who catches.  

3) The Wedding Toasts - Drink Game & Story Game
The toasts at the wedding are usually humorous and sentimental stories given by those closest to the bride and groom, finishing with a raising of the glasses.  To copy this tradition, you play a combination of two games that deal with drinking and stories.  

Name that Drink Game: Goal of the game is for the guests to drink the alcohol then guess the brand and flavor on paper.  After trying 6-9 alcohols and guessing, the host will read the answers and points are tallied.
Shot Glass Option
a) Materials you need: assortment of alcohols, tumblers/glasses/shot glasses, paper and pencils.  The host will collect everyone's tumblers and add 1 drink at a time.  If play with shot glasses (cheap at Dollar Store) they can be poured and categorized in columns ahead of time.  For a group of 8-10 you'll only need 1-2 bottles or cans of each brand of alcohol depending on size.
*Note: Even if offered in small amounts you don't want to chug the alcohol so play the story game in between each drink round! 
b) Based on the brides personality and alcohol likes you can choose hard, girly drinks or beer. 
Example: 14 point Game (2 points each)
Mikes Hard Lemonade, Michelob - Golden Light, Coors - Light, Smirnoff Ice,  Woodchuck Cider - Amber, Mikes Hard Lemonade- Cranberry, Bud light Lime  
Story Game: To replicate the speeches made at the reception, each guest prepares a story to share about the bride.  The host reads a story aloud (submitted beforehand by attendees) and everyone writes down their guess for who wrote which story.  Definitely some laughable moments.

4) "The Wedding Night" - Lingerie Game
After the wedding is over the newlyweds get to enjoy their wedding night and so of course the bride needs some adorable sexy lingerie, at least for a little while. (Wink)  But seriously, brides love getting lingerie pieces.
-The lingerie game, a popular one at bachelorette parties asks each of the attendees to bring an undie, unwrapped to put in a shared bag or wrapped with no tag.  The undie should be of the brides taste, but also represent the personality of the giver.  The bride then has to guess who brought what undie.  If wrong, the bride drinks.  If right, the guest drinks.   

Wedding Gift Opening
Just like the official wedding weekend finishes with a gift opening the party should too.  To close the bachelorette party before you go out or call it a night you open the remaining gifts, usually lingerie pieces or sets, but gifts for the honeymoon are also fitting.

I had such a great time planning and coming up with the games and decorations that were uniquely special for the bride!  Try making up your own theme too and personalize it for the bride, get those creative juices flowing.  But, feel free to implement one of these ideas for the planning of your own bachelorette party, or go ahead and throw your own "Wedding Day" theme!

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