Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wedding Day Survival Kit

The concept of personal attendants and ushers in a wedding is an interesting contrast, especially since the roles are seen as similar. Ushers usually dress the same, are in some of the pictures and other than escorting guests down the isle, have a pretty easy job. Personal attendants, however, don't dress the same, are not typically pictures and run around like crazy people the majority of the wedding day. Some think that being a personal attendant means that you didn't quite make the bridesmaid cut. While this may be true for some brides, I have found this to not always be the case. For many brides that I know, your personal attendants are the people in your life that you can always rely on when you need something and/or are just trustworthy and calm spirited.

The first time that I was a personal attendant was for Marie's wedding and it was an amazing experience. My co-attendant was our cousin Cathy. Because the three of us have been best buds since we were babies, we know each other's strengths and weaknesses very well. Getting to be with Marie all day, at her hair appointment, putting on her veil, keeping her hydrated, carrying her dress and sending her down the isle, helped the wedding day take on a whole new perspective. Any bride should appreciate it, even though you may have to get a little dirty (literally) or make things happen behind the scenes that you will never get credit for.

All this being said, whether you are the bride or the personal attendant, it is always helpful to be prepared for the big wedding day. From past experience, below is my own list of must haves for the Bridal Survival Kit. Or as the maid of honor for a friend's wedding called the kit, "Keep Calm and Marry On!" 

Needed: Basket, Rubbermaid or container that's easy to carry

- Band-Aids and/or first aid kit
- Bobby Pins
- Hair spray
- Hollywood/fashion tape
- Feminine products
- Advil or pain meds
- Gum or mints
- Kleenex
- Baby wipes or tide to go
- Lotion
- Granola bars
- Deodorant
- One time use toothbrushes
- Nail file
- Safety pins
- Small sewing kit
- Water bottles
- Chapstick

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