Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sole Sister

When I was younger, having a sister wasn't necessarily a shining light in my life. I had to share a room for the large majority of my childhood and all through my teenage years before heading off to college. While I occasionally liked having another girl around, my sister is six years younger than me and at a young age, that doesn't transfer all that well. I usually felt like I had a barnacle attached to me or I had a moving shadow. When I got to college and Annie entered the high school stage, things began to gradually start changing. When I reflect back, I am blessed that we have those six years between us. It look us a little longer to become close but those years helped alleviate some of the stresses of comparing to one another, competing for the same things and going through the same stages. The break in age has given us patient hearts, loving words and greater understanding.

As I get older and gain more wonderful family members, I am continually grateful for my sister. She truly knows me well and would go to bat for me whatever the cause. Annie is the most loyal and faithful friend that I have ever had. As we both celebrated birthdays this month, I couldn't help but write a little bit about this special lady. She for sure has become the shining star that I didn't quite recognize all those years ago. I can't wait to see all of the amazing things that she does in this world.

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