Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Animal Print Bridal Shower

I have been reliving some of the wedding madness going on at this time last year. Hard to believe that this adorable animal print shower took place almost a year ago!!

Over the years, I have collected a large amount of animal print pieces. Way before I got engaged, I started a box with odds and ends that I thought I might like to have during the wedding planning months. I must confess that I am a bit of a closet hoarder. I loved the thought of an animal print themed shower so kept my many findings in this box.

Once the shower planning began, one of my bridesmaids, Miss Meghan, agreed to take on throwing a friends shower. And she immediate inherited all of my animal print stash. She was a trooper! From there, she planned the set up, food and games. This shower theme is perfect for any lady loving animal print! It was classy but fun at the same time!!

I had most of these goodies stowed away before passing them on for the shower. Many pieces were fairly inexpensive and would be easy to find at your local craft store. As always, little details go a long way.
  • Cheetah print burlap for a table runner. (Found at Michaels in a large roll)
  • Tiger print ribbon for the jars on the food table. (Found at Michaels)
  • Giraffe figurine. (Meghan found the sweet guy at Marshalls)
  • Ask all attendees to dress in anything animal print to make the decor even more vibrant! 

  • Cheetah and Zebra print cupcakes. (Liners and picks found at Michaels)
  • Fruit skewers on a zebra print charger plate. (Charger found at Michaels)
  • Flavored popcorns.
  • Other mini apps like veggie cups and caprese sticks.

These were not animal themed games but they are classics!
  • Grab an animal print piece of paper and write your favorite memory. The bride then guesses who wrote which memory.
  • Record the groom answering some questions. Have the bride guess his answers. If the bride gets it wrong, she drinks. If the bride guesses correct, the rest of the ladies drink. This was possibly one of my favorite games from all my showers!! 
  • Grab an iPad or camera and take some photo booth pictures. I had some awesome masks from Michaels that we used as photo props and Meghan added some darling animal print party hats to the mix. The pictures are such cute mementos!

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