Friday, July 3, 2015

American Flag Beer Bottle Project

I have been collecting bottles and jars for many months now. My kind husband is great about putting his beer bottle or the pickle jar in the sink instead of the recycling. I had an idea to use the jars for this project but did not have the quantity that I wanted so instead, I used beer bottles. This is the perfect patriotic centerpiece or shelving decor for the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Flag Day, etc!

- Five beer bottles or jars
- Red, white and blue paint
- Painters tape

1. If the bottles still have the labels on them, soak them in hot water until the label is saturated. Then remove with a scrubbing brush or sponge. Make sure to remove the glue behind the label as much as possible to avoid streaks in your paint.
2. For the three striped bottles, I wrapped each bottle with several pieces of painters tape. Be careful to make sure there are no bubbles in the tape and make sure to make the stripes even.
3. For the three striped bottles, begin by painting your white. I painted two coats on my bottles before letting it fully dry. Once dry, remove the tape.
4. For the three striped bottles, paint the remaining stripes red. If desired, you can re-tape over the white to avoid errors.
5. For the blue bottles, I mixed some paint and then covered the whole bottle. I used two coats on these as well.
6. Once dry, you can finish with a finishing spray or leave as-is for a rustic look. Fill with sparklers, flowers or top with candles!

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