Wednesday, July 22, 2015

DIY First Dance Frame


Back in the day, Dave and I were blessed enough to have had a song that we both enjoyed rise in popularity as we started dating.  Every time the song "Forever" by Chris Brown came on we'd just get in the dancing zone.  We know all the words and would belt it out whenever it would come on the radio.  And with the growth of its popularity, we got to dance and sing to it a lot.  So somewhere along the way it became "our song."

Fast forward four years, "Forever" was the obvious choice for our first dance.  One easy thing to check off the wedding decision list.  We danced, and it was perfect for the two of us.

Determined to hang a photo to represent our first dance, and the lyrics we know by heart I finally buckled down to making something for our 3 year anniversary.  My goal had been to make one 3 years ago, then the next summer, then the next.....boy, where did that time go?

Good news, only took me a little over an hour to type up the lyrics, choose my photos, edit my photos, edit the lyrics, choose a font, measure for a frame and get it printed and ready for our anniversary the next day.  Now, if you know Dave this isn't exactly "his" type of gift.  But our anniversary gave me the perfect excuse to make something free to represent our wedding day 3 years ago, and folks he truly liked it. Score.

Our main anniversary gift this year to each other was a 2 day trip to our engagement spot, Cedar Point Amusement Park. So I kinda broke the rules since we weren't exchanging gifts, but really this was a piece for the both of us.  And I have the perfect spot for it in the bedroom, juxtaposed from Lisa's hand-drawn piece of Dave and I on our wedding day. Talk about perfect.

Other ideas for first dance frames:
*print onto a canvas with the words wrapping around the sides
*choose a specific phrase from the song and focus your piece just on that
*don't have a photo you love from your first dance, frame the lyrics and overlay your initials & wedding date

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