Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cedar Point Amusement Park

Cedar Point Amusement Park is the BEST of the best!  Stationed right off of Lake Erie in Sandusky Ohio, it has become an annual must do for Dave and I!

The park holds a very special place in my heart for numerous reasons.  Growing up my family traveled to the destination to check out the new coasters going in every few years.  Incidentally, Dave also grew up going to Cedar Point with his family. Now that Cedar Point, both our favorite of theme parks, is in our backyard out here in Ohio Dave and I have capitalized on our opportunity. And the other reason Cedar Point has parked itself at the top of my list, besides having the most roller coasters in the U.S., Dave proposed to me there.

If you haven't already guessed it our families are roller coaster junkies. And since both of us have been to numerous parks, I feel completely legit in stating that Cedar Point is the BEST of the best.  In that way, Cedar Point has tainted my opinion on theme parks, none are ever good enough in comparison.

We opted to stay at Hotel Breakers, which is located on the island next to the park, and recreate our engagement already 4 years ago this summer. Newly renovated this is incredibly worth the dough to get the 1 hour early park entrance & have a room close by for a mid afternoon break. Plus it's perfect for dinner options, and getting your 2nd or 3rd wind for the park in the evening. Also, check out Soak City.  Get a 2 day Ride and Slide deal when staying at the hotel! It's nice to get a respite at the water park or on the beach.
Dave and I have ridden all the coasters at the park multiple times, but there are definitely the favorites.  Since we've had the opportunity to go, we've made sure to ride numerous times in the very front seat and also the back seat.  The front may be a bit longer, but you HAVE to do it at least once. Never seen anyone get off disappointed. So here are our favorites!

Our Favorites:

1) Top Thrill Dragster - 0 to 120mph in 4 secs, than you're up 420ft in the air.  Ride lasts only 17seconds, but it's unforgettable, especially in the front row! Back row is awesome too, but NOTHING beats the front! Everyone comes off laughing, tears in their eyes, hair blown back & some get right back in line (Dave and I have done this). In total we figure we've ridden it at least 10 times together.

2) Maverick - Twists and speed launch at 70mph that mimic saddling up in the Wild West. The first drop is insane, those who have ridden it understand.
Millennium Force at dusk
3) Millennium Force - A smooth giga coaster with great views at 93mph, standing 310ft tall with a 80 degree drop, it's a lengthy coaster that takes a mere 2 minutes to complete. It's a smooth ride & even enjoyable at dusk when you're splattered with bug juice.
Millennium Force
4) Raptor - Seated with feet dangling in the air you travel 57mph on loops going upside down 6 times.
5) Gatekeeper a wing coaster at 67 mph to a 170ft climb. Riding this is bizarre and takes some getting used to since you're alongside the track with nothing above or below you. **NEW 2014**
6) Rougarou - first floorless coaster at cedar. Replaced Mantis (a standing coaster - was always kinda a workout). High speed twists and inversions. **NEW 2015**
Other mentionables:

Magnum XL-200 -  First coaster ever to 200ft traveling at 72 mph (similar to Wild Thing in MN)
Wicked Twister - double twisting coaster, one of the fastest & tallest in the world (similar to Steel Venom MN) with two 450 degree spirals at each track end
MaXair - rotating platform on a pendulum swinging at 70 mph at 140ft in the air
Wind Seeker - swing in a chair at 301 feet high at the edge of the park overlooking Lake Erie. Visions of your swing coming unattached and flying towards the beach will be likely when on this. 

You just have to make your way out to Cedar Point. You have no clue what you've been missing out on.  And if you'd like a riding buddy, I'd be more than willing to be your tour guide.  Happy coasting!

Ride On! 

Wind Seeker, Wicked Twister
View from Hotel Room

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