Thursday, June 11, 2015

Columbus Zoo, Ohio

Columbus Zoo is known to feature some great animals.  This was my family's first stop on our RV adventure last summer.  Starting in Ohio we knew we had to stop at the Columbus Zoo. Two of my FAVORITE animals were at this zoo! I may be in my mid twenties, but I was acting like a small child just absorbed by the wonder of seeing my favorite animals. 

Zoos have always been a fun family activity.  Growing up we went to the Como Zoo many times, until we moved within close proximity to the Minnesota Zoo, which we regularly visit each year.  Then whenever we go on vacation we usually visit the state's zoo.  And now living in Ohio near the Toledo Zoo we're able to make it out there at least once or twice a year. But while out in Ohio we had to seize the opportunity to visit the Columbus Zoo and hopefully will manage to get to the Cincinnati Zoo too.

But back to why I LOVED the Columbus Zoo. 

KOALAS have been my childhood favorite animal and the only time I've been able to observe them was at the San Diego Zoo in California, so boy was I surprised when I found out they were also residing in Ohio. Considering the likelihood of me ever traveling to Australia is minimal and the only koala I've been really close to is my stuffed animal version, this was a dream.  Forgoing embarrassment I took MANY photos and gleefully was squealing when the 1 of the koalas awakened and was moving about to eat his eucalyptus. Did you know they sleep 18-20 hours a day?! So now you see why I felt seeing this was a small gift, and we had him all to ourselves.  Loved the two habitats, an indoor and outdoor so it allowed multiple observations.

Can you see  the koala I'm pointing to? It's in the tree.

My other favorite animal is the MANATEE! Ever since visiting Florida and seeing the manatees there they've always been a soft spot.  In high school our math stats class sponsored a manatee. Not the sting ray that also joined these giant sea cows. Apparently this is the only vegetarian sting ray since it loves to much on the romaine lettuce with these giants.  This was a different set-up than in Florida, since the view of the tank was only eye-level, but you still got an eyeful.  I even walked out with my own manatee....okay it may have been a stuffed animal, but every time it makes me smile! 

They had great habitats for Australia like the Lorikeet Garden (see photo), which allowed you to walk in the lorikeet aviary, feed the birds and have birds land on you. The Kangaroo walkabout had you get up close and personal (see photo) with full size and joey kangaroos. Of course the koalas and orangutans were my idea of the perfect entertainment.

In Africa you can feed the giraffes and get a look at the other typical African animals.  Also their Congo African expedition  section of the zoo has leopards, gorillas, bonobos and mandrills.

Polar bears show up at most zoos, but they did a nice job with the viewing opportunities in the polar bear habitat.  Want to make more of your trip? Hot day? Zoombezi Bay is a waterpark connected to the zoo if you have small children and want to make a full day out of the trip to the zoo.

Just missed the joey as he popped out of mom's pouch!

It's easy to spend a few hours there, and if you're like me, you can almost never get enough.  Check out the website Columbus Zoo to see the park map, live webcams of some of the animals and event promos.

The Columbus Ohio Zoo didn't disappoint!

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