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Personalize Your Wedding: with Photos

Photos are a timeless and incredibly easy way to personalize your wedding.  Here I focused on a few ways to do just that! Wedding's take an incredible amount of planning and work, but it's all those small details that make a wedding unique to the couple celebrating.  It's the small parts that the couple shares with the guests that add to the love and joyous atmosphere.  The personalization of your wedding through photos is just one part of the wedding that we think is important, check out our other ideas at the bottom of the post.  But first our focus on representing your love in photos of the couple.

Photos of the Couple:

Since my husband and I had been dating throughout our college years we had quite a few pictures, which is an understatement because I LOVE taking photos, so we have lots! I saw this as a good chance to feature a photo from each of our years together, leading up to our engagement photo.  It was crazy to see how much we had changed over the few years, and I liked the idea of sharing a snapshot of that year together.

A display of engagement photos is a second option to show the guests more than the one that may have been sent on the save-the-date.  Lisa has some other creative Unconventional Save-the-Date ideas that'll make you say, why didn't I think of that? Show multiple engagement photos in an album or photo book, this can also serve as a wedding guest book.

Other options are to do pictures of each spouse growing up and then a merging of the two together.  A sweet idea to show how these two individuals have come together, plus seeing baby pictures is always entertaining and great conversation starters.

Family / Ancestor Photos: A Legacy Table

Incorporating your family and the many generations that have gotten married before you is a timeless gesture.  Everyone loves looking back and noting the family resemblances, the clothing trends, and the love featured in wedding day photos. It's a simple way to share your history and give thanks to those people that have brought you to this day.

As a history obsesser this is a small part of what I love seeing at weddings, so special! And if you're like me displaying it only one day isn't enough so you love the idea of an ancestry wall in your home. Once you gather all the photos and coordinating frames making an ancestry wall is an easy next step! Ancestry Collage Blog Post

Also, if you're throwing a bridal party the perfect game I came up with is "Wedding Dresses through the Decades." The game featured under our Vintage Bridal Shower, is a new bridal shower game I created.  Based on the idea of wedding dresses being an important part of every bride's day, but the fact that the dresses tend to be a reflection of the times and thereby are ever changing, I thought it would be fun to make a game out of looking back across the ages comparing bridal dresses from each decade. See the post for details on the game card, bridal photos and game directions.  We threw the vintage shower for our cousin Megan, and it was no surprise she had a gorgeous legacy table dedicated to the special loved ones in her life.

Miriam Rulli Photography
Miriam Rulli Photography

Photos of Guests / Bridal Party:

Polaroid Camera
Having a polaroid camera for guests to snap their photo and hang their picture on a garland or designated spot is a cute idea to incorporate those important people into your wedding.  People love snapping photos and it makes a great guest book option.

Photo Booth
A new popular fad to have at your wedding reception is the photo booth. It's not hard to see why guests love using silly props and gathering with their friends/family to take professional photos.  These serve almost as the bloopers at your wedding, and provide quite a few smiles when looking back at the photos.

There are so many prop choices out there, especially if you have a themed wedding, but this is an easy DIY project to personalize your wedding.  Props such as glasses, beards, mustaches, lips and goofy hats will always be a hit.  You can also provide boards, whether pre-written or blank for your guests to write their own messages. Since this is so popular props and board are easy to purchase, but if you have the time this is a great option to add your own flair and personalization!

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