Wednesday, June 24, 2015

National Pink Day

I am a day late but Happy National Pink Day! While some "national holidays" are a bit silly, I think they are just great. I am such a sucker for any excuse to try a new recipe, put up some decor and celebrate. Here are a few upcoming national and international holidays that I bet you didn't know existed. Now aren't you glad you read our blog and can set some time aside for things like International Fairy Day!?

June 24 - International Fairy Day
July 9 - National Sugar Cookie Day
July 21 - National Junk Food Day
August 8 - International Cat Day
September 5 - World Beard Day
September 21 - National Mini Golf Day
September 29 - International Coffee Day

To celebrate National Pink day and also because I miss Paris, I grabbed some macarons from a local bakery and an adorable Papyrus card for a friend. I am looking forward to sharing more details about our Paris trip soon!

Also because of National Pink Day, we have to take a minute to honor the amazing flower of June: the peony. Peony bushes were in full force in our neighborhood this year and I was like a kid in a candy shop. I had to stop myself from taking a scissors to all of the neighbor's yards. 

Growing up, we had white, light pink and deep pink peony bushes all along our house. I remember my mom used to let me pick them in bunches to make the most beautiful, luscious bouquets. When she put in her vegetable garden, we had to take out most of the peony bushes. But I found out this year that my mother-in-law actually received a couple of my mom's plants since instead of throwing them away, she gave them away to friends. It is so fun to visit my in-laws and see some of my parent's plants in their yard.

I snapped this photo of my darling niece playing with one of my mom's remaining dark pink peonies. We wish you a belated National Pink Day!

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