Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Fools Gold Series

Susan Mallery has created the town of Fools Gold.  It's amazing how this idea has grown from just the setting it started off as in the books into a place that people truly wish they could visit.  So much so that it led into the creation of a website focused on everything happening in Fools Gold. If you link to this site, , it tells you all about the big events happening in the town.  Characters you have gotten to know in the first set of books routinely pop up throughout the other books.  And as Mallery adds more books to the selection you stay up to date on the relationships you've seen develop, the benefits of a small town. 

Personally I just liked reading the saga as I felt I was peering into the lives of people that make up the charming community of Fools Gold. But if you did get more invested, since she has a LOT of fans out there, you could check out the who's who, a map of the city, current events, and of course the books that started it all. She has some unique characters with interesting careers that take you outside the realm of your normal day and knowledge of the current job scene.

In need of a summer getaway? A little romance? Check out Fools Gold, you're sure to be captivated and charmed by this small town community.

1. Chasing Perfect         2. Almost Perfect       3. Summer Brides (Novella)        4. Finding Perfect          5. Only Mine           6. Only Yours       
7. Only His        8. A Christmas Bride         9. Only Us (Novella)     10. Almost Summer (Novella)        11. Summer Days         12. Summer Nights     
13. All Summer Long     14. A Fools Gold Christmas        15. Halfway There (Novella)        16. Fools Gold Cookbook        17. Just One Kiss      
18. Two of a Kind          19. Three Little Words          20. Christmas on 4th Street        21. When We Met        22. Before We Kiss    
23. Until We Touch       24. Yours for Christmas (Novella)      25. Hold Me        26. Kiss Me          27. Thrill Me          28. Marry Me at Christmas

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