Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cedar Cove Series

Author: Debbie Macomber

The Cedar Cove series has gained the attention of romance readers!  For those of you who haven't read the books, you may have gotten a taste of them through the Cedar Cove series on Hallmark channel.  What makes this writing different then her other books is Debbie Macomber's decision to have each chapter jump to one of the characters.  Although each chapter switches perspective each book focuses primarily on a family and is titled after their home address!  Meanwhile other relationships and drama are unfolding throughout the book.  As you progress into the series and get hooked by the characters and plot, you stay updated on what is transpiring between characters in the previous books.  So there's no wondering, "How did their situation turn out?"  If you're watching the TV series on Hallmark get your hands on the books, they're better!  And if you haven't read about Cedar Cove, well..... I suggest you head to your library and check it out.

16 Lighthouse Road
204 Rosewood Lane
311 Pelican Court
44 Cranberry Point
50 Harbor Street
6 Rainier Drive
74 Seaside Avenue
8 Sandpiper Way
92 Pacific Boulevard
1022 Evergreen Place
1105 Yakima Street
1225 Christmas Tree Lane

A Cedar Cover Christmas
Christmas is Cedar Cove
5B Poppy Lane

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