Friday, January 10, 2014

Shufflin and Brushin - My Singing Toothbrush

A singing toothbrush, kind of a weird Christmas gift.  Unless it's the absolute perfect present because it plays Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO (a favorite college song & our wedding party entrance song).  My good friend and prior roommate Jennie sent this to me in the mail. And boy was it unexpectedly brilliant. 

I unwrapped my new awesome toothbrush and started playing it and dancing around the apartment to this newfangled toy .... yes I realize they are made for kids, but hey, we all gotta brush our teeth so why not do it in musical style? 

Okay the second awesome thing besides it being one of my all time favorite songs is it also plays Sexy and I Know It, another great tune to jam to while I'm brushing my pearly whites.  But the real kicker is the songs play for 2 minutes each, since that's the dentist recommended brushing time, and personally I struggle to meet that 2 minutes. But now with my new tunes I can dance and brush, well more like slightly bop along since pulling out my full dance moves while brushing could be potentially dangerous, and that'd be a mighty awkward conversation with a dentist/doctor.  Anyways, play one song in the morning and one at night and I'm golden.  I thought about attaching a video of me, but I thought I might never live it down so you'll just have to use your imagination.

Great gift for kids and friends. This might not be for everyone but clearly it's a very me thing.  Jennie said she saw the toothbrush and just had to get it for me, and based on how much I enjoy it Jennie knows me very well.  So thanks Jennie for a very unique, but useful gift.

And I'll keep Shufflin and Brushin with my BrushBuddies Toothbrush.

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