Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DIY Weekly Framed Calendar

Busy. Our lives seem always jam packed with things to do, places to go and people to see.  Thank goodness for calendars. How else would I keep my life straight? Well I could probably survive without one, but being able to organize and plan, well it keeps me happy.

We all have our preferences when it comes to calendars.  Some of us like to plan months in advance, others live from month to month, and others like to display their lives each week.  I showed you how my sister-in-law and I had made our own calendars out of paint chip samples, which you can check out under DIY Paint Chip Calendar posted on January 7, 2014 under the Craft Corner tab.  But I thought I'd offer you another option that you can create yourself, a calendar made for you weekly planners out there.

A weekly calendar, such as the one my friend Melanie made, is great.  It lets you see what activities you have planned for each day, and even has space for an additional To Do List. I also like how she placed it right in the entry way, so you can't help but notice what the game plan for each day is.  Helps remind everyone in the family what to expect, so that one person isn't left in charge of remembering everything. We all know it happens. That something gets forgotten, and you say, "It was on the calendar" and they look at you like "It was?" "Wait, what calendar?" "We have a calendar? When did this happen?"

Maybe a weekly calendar is the answer to your prayers. Interested in creating one?  It's simple.  And here is how Melanie says to do it.

A collage picture frame with 8 slots
Punch-out cardstock letters or stickers (days of the week)
Scrap paper for 8 slots (all the same or varied)
Elmer's Liquid Glue
Scissors or Paper Cutter
Dry erase marker

After you've picked out the look you want to create and purchased all the items you're ready to create!

1.  It's best to arrange the paper in the frame openings first to see how the colors and patterns look next to each other and to achieve balance. What's great is that you can make this project fit any decor and it's easy to update if your space's style changes.  
 2.  My papers were a little too big for the openings. A great way to cut the paper to size is to remove the paper inserts that come with the frame and use them as guides to cut around so you get the perfect size.
3. For the day headings I used cardstock letters made for scrapbooking, but stickers or hand writing the days of the week would work too. I just needed a small amount of glue on each letter. 
A tip: remember to allow a border on the edges of the paper that will be covered by the frame. Don't glue your letters to the very outside edges.
4.  I like to include all the original pieces and backings that come with frames, so when assembling, I put in the scrapbook paper, paper insert I used as a guide, and the cardboard before putting on the backing.
5.  We keep a dry erase marker and eraser in our mail holder on the opposite wall of the entry way for easy additions to our weekly calendar. 
Note: You could attach the marker with a string directly to the frame if no space nearby to store.

Congratulations! Now you have your very own, specially made by you, Weekly Framed Calendar.  This should help make your weekly planning easier and aid in organizing your busy life.  Yet, even if you don't get it updated every week, this makes a colorful piece of art for any wall!

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