Monday, January 13, 2014

Infinity Scarf Transformation

While I am biased to the fall season for most things fashion related, each season has a jewel in its crown. And there are also some styles that are transitional through multiple seasons. One classic piece that spans the fall, winter and spring seasons in my wardrobe is the scarf. A friend of mine joked about scarves being my "security blanket" since I wear them quiet often. But what's better than an extra cozy layer of warmth around your neck?

I have an embarrassing amount of scarves in my closet. But infinity scarves have trumped all others this winter. Since I only have a few infinity scarves, I have been wanting to switch them up without spending boat loads of money. Then I had an idea to use some of my unworn scarves and transform them!

- Scarf or even-cut piece of fabric
- Sharp scissors
- Pins
- Needle/thread or sewing machine

1. Using your scissors, cut a straight line as you cut off any frill or tassels on the end of the scarf.
2. Pin the cut ends together to make sewing easier.
3. Hand sew or use a sewing machine to run a line along the two edges to attach them.

I tried using a classic pashmina scarf as well as a thinner fashion scarf. My mother, the expert sewer, experimented with a French seam. This seam is great because it looks smooth on either side of the scarf. If you don't have an old scarf to use, I have also used pieces of scrap fabric that I got on clearance at the fabric store. Use the scraps and follow the same steps to sew quick and simple infinity scarves. They make great gifts and they are an easy project for all DIY skill levels!

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