Thursday, January 30, 2014

Glitter Wine Glasses

Two summers ago, I was able to help a friend's sister and husband by being the event coordinator for their wedding reception. The reception was held at the beautiful TCF stadium on the University of Minnesota campus. We set up each table with a mirror, centerpiece bouquet and ten surrounding stemless wine glasses. The wine glasses were the guests' favors and had the happy couple's names and wedding date printed on them. We filled each wine glass with water and then alternated each with a floating candle or a small floating rose. The glasses looked cute with the centerpieces and made fun favors. However, many of the guests did not take theirs home due to forgetting them or not wanting to dump out their contents. The result was a number of extra boxes of wine glasses. I was offered a small box to take home and soon began to wonder what I would do with them. They sat in storage for some time until I recently pulled them out. I decided that I didn't need cups with an old wedding date on them but hated the thought of throwing them out. So I came up with a fun solution: I glitterized (yes I know, this word doesn't actually exist) the glasses!


  • Wine glasses (Stemless or with stems, found at the dollar store or Ikea for $1 per glass)
  • Glitter in desired color(s)
  • Painting Tape
  • Glue (Mog Podge works well)
  • Paint brush or sponge

    1. I began taping around the center so that the printed words would be covered by the glitter. For wine glasses with stems, you can glitter the bottom of the stems, the center or in any pattern you'd like! I used painting tape because it peels right off and doesn't leave sticky residue.
    2. Using a paint brush or sponge, begin gluing in the area desired. I spread the glue within the taped areas to cover the copy on the glass.
    3. Sprinkle glitter in the glued area. Some of my glasses took two coats of glue and glitter to get the look that I wanted.
    4. Allow some dry time before carefully pulling away the tape.

    Note: For a Bachelorette party, I have also accessorized wine glasses with patterned duct tape. The tape goes on smoothly and makes the glasses much more fun!

    Check out some more Pinterest ideas for other glittered and decorated wine glasses. The other awesome aspect of this project is that no one will confuse their wine glass with anyone else's due to the glitter colors!
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