Friday, January 24, 2014

Painter & Poet Prodigy - Akiane Kramarik
Prince of Peace
An artist I am not.  But an appreciator of art I am.  Specifically paintings have always been my favorite medium.  I lean towards the older styles and classics. Something in them fills me with wonder, an an appreciation for someone so talented they can put a moment, a feeling on canvas.  There are some paintings that just stun me when I see them.  The Prince of Peace, Father Forgive Them and many of Akiane Kramarik's works do just that. 

Akiane is known as a painting prodigy considering she started at the age of 4 and was making pieces each that were true works of art.  At her young age she was also doing something else extraordinary...she was visiting heaven and received a life-changing spiritual transformation.  Although she has blown up in popularity on the media years ago I hadn't viewed any of the exposure.  She's now an internatoinal painting prodigy with her art pieces selling at thousands of dollars up to $3 million.  Guess I'll have to settle for enjoying her pieces on the computer screen. 

It was when I read Heaven is for Real, a book I'll be writing a post on around Easter (seemed fitting), that this painting prodigy was referenced.  Now some may be skeptical of Akiane's connection to heaven, but once you see her work, it's hard to believe she wasn't blessed with the gift for a reason.  Her parents, originally atheists, have converted due to their daughter's experiences and message of God's existence.  And Akiane continues to try and spread the message through her painting and poetry.  It's incredible to think that at age 7 she was writing poetry, and that even at that young of an age her poems arrive fully conceived.  What a precious gift to have.
Father Forgive Them
Mother's Love
Her Prince of Peace, a rendering of Jesus is the real deal.  And confirmation of this portrayal of Jesus is confirmed by Colton, the boy in the Heaven is for Real book who died at the age of 4, visits heaven, and comes back to share his story with others. WOW!!! Right?!  The Jesus that Akiane painted has some differences compared to typical portrayals of God's son.  There's something so human and relateable about his image yet an aura of importance, of specialty.  Her other one of Jesus pleading to God to forgive us for our sins grabs my heart.  The detail in his hands, his expression and the mood is stunning. Go look at the piece on her website, since the coloring and detail is more pure.  Another fave is Power of Prayer, a scenic painting she made at the age of 10 that she dedicated to all sincere prayers.

She paints many scenes and people, and writes poems that accompany the pieces well.  I was completely absorbed when checking out her website.  When I see what she created at each age as she was growing up, it's utterly remarkable.  Go look. You too will be amazed!  It's not everyday that you get to feel such a celestial connection through a painting created nowadays. 

She wants to be an inspiration to others and a gift to God.  Akiane's simple goal is to share God's love and message with others, so help her to pass on the good Word.

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