Friday, January 17, 2014

DIY Flower Ball Centerpieces

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This past September, one of my very best friends married the love of her life. Meghan and I met in high school but were not close friends until we found ourselves living across the street from one another at the University of Minnesota. When we were about to become housemates, we decided to room together since we were both in long distant relationships at the time. That was just the beginning!!

Thomas and Meghan share something similar to Joe and I - long term dating. Meghan and her now-hubby met and began dating in high school. When they finally got engaged and then married, I couldn't have been happier for them. Meghan and I were able to spend one last official roomie night together the evening before her wedding. As we talked about the future, we finalized details and put down the finished touches. One of thing Meghan was excited to have finished was her centerpieces: flower balls.

I was proud that Meghan wasn't one of those crazy DIY brides who needed to make everything herself. However, she decided to tackle one DIY project, her flower ball centerpieces, and they turned out wonderfully. The wedding colors were purple with a bright green accent. Using crepe paper in these colors and styrofoam balls, the final pieces were beautiful, simple and affordable.

- Crepe Paper in desired colors
- Styrofoam balls (3", 4" and 5" sizes)
- Glue Gun

1. Take the crepe paper and cut into 24 inch lengths.
2. Crumple the strips to make them softer and to give them a little texture.
3. Take one end and begin twisting. Pinch that initial end to create a stem as you twist the paper into a rose shape, guiding and folding the paper down into the petals.
4. Once the rose is created, glue the loose end of the crepe paper to the rose for no unraveling.
5. When you have around 25 roses (for a small flowerball), hot glue each rose in a symmetrical pattern to the styrofoam ball.

Be forewarned, these did take a lot of time. Meghan filled 32 tables with 2-3 flower balls each. You do the math! Thanks goodness she had a few flower ball elves helping throughout the process!! But in the end, I know that when the blushing bride looked out at her reception, she smiled at how lovely her hard work looked. And they make interesting table decor after the festivities are over!

If you are looking for more ideas, there are a ton of creative pictures and tutorials on Pinterest for crepe paper roses and flower balls!

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