Monday, January 20, 2014

Three Great Makeup Discoveries

BB Cream
I recently discovered the incredible thing that is BB cream. I will admit that I had to read up on the difference between AA, BB and CC cream. It looks like a nasty math problem, I know! BB cream, or beauty balm, is an all in one product that was created to replace everything from your moisturizer and primer to your foundation and sunscreen! For some people, this one cream may all they have time to use in the morning. I don't use this every day but it is perfect in my gym bag for post workout or for a morning that I don't have time or energy for my full makeup routine.

My favorite brands are Dr. Drandt Flexitone (conforms to your skin color!) and I really love Dr. Jart's Beauty Balm as well.

Highlighter is one of my prized finds within the last year. It's a quick and fun way to spruce up any look. Try adding a little to your cheek bones, brow bones and middle top of your lip. The highlighter will allow the light to bounce of those areas and will quite literally highlight those features. It brings a subtle glow to your face. More exciting news is that Elf (Found at Target) makes a great highlighter pencil and cream and they are both under $3! I also received a Chella highlighter pencil in a recent Birchbox that I have enjoyed using.

Clinique Chubby Stick
Last week, I walked into Macy's to purchase a refill of my Clinique lotion and found out that they were doing a promotion for their Chubby Stick Lip Balms. They asked that I do a quick consultation, which resulted in a new eye shadow find as well trying one of their Chubby Stick lip balms. I chose the bright "Mightiest Maraschino" color and I adore it! It's the edgy, bright lip color that I have been looking for but with a soft, easy wearing and smooth balm finish. Definitely check these out if you like to play around with lip color. But be forewarned that you may get hooked. They just rolled out Chubby Stick Shadow Tints too!

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