Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Saving the Bouquet

Most brides love their wedding day flowers but a wedding bouquet loses its luster the days following the big event. Many women drop big bucks on their wedding bouquet and struggle with the idea of throwing it away. I felt the same way so I came up with a few ideas to save bouquet!

One idea is to press some of the flowers and then add them to a canvas with modpodge. Or you could add them to stock paper and insert them into a frame. This could make a simple but gorgeous wall gallery full of pressed flowers from your wedding bouquet.

For another idea, check out my previous post about an ornament filled with dried wedding flowers. This is easy and inexpensive to make and is a beautiful way to display your dried wedding flowers at every holiday season.

The other DIY project that I tried is to add the bouquet to a shadow box. The beauty is that there are so many variations that you can make. Shadow boxes come in all shapes, colors and sizes. You can add the flowers in a pattern or add your wedding program, an invite, the boutonniere, a hair pin, the veil, champagne corks, the garter, etc! You can display it in your walk in closet or hang it on the wall. It makes for a sentimental and timeless piece of art.

- Dried Wedding Bouquet
*Note: I hung my bouquet upside-down in a dry area for six weeks following the wedding. I removed a number of flowers that were crumbled or torn.
- Any additional pieces as desired: I added the front of our wedding program that I matted on our purple and gold invite papers. I also kept the pins and ribbon tied around the bouquet.
- Push pins or something to keep each piece secure.

1. I removed a number of crumbling flowers from the dried bouquet. I also rearranged a few stems to make the best showcase of the flowers in the shadow box.
2. I matted our wedding program onto some invite paper and secured it with pins to the back of the shadow box.
3. Once everything was pinned and positioned, I carefully placed inside of the shadowbox and placed it on my dresser for display.

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