Tuesday, January 6, 2015

DIY Wedding Ornaments

My "Marry Christmas Bulb" post is still one of my most read posts to date and one of my favorite DIY projects. I had to revisit it again this year for a number of reasons. First, I was so excited to do my own bulb with our wedding invite. Second, a couple friends tried this out and I was so proud that they did a project off the blog! And lastly, I have a few other ideas that I tried this year in addition to the classic.

Also to note, this is a great time to snag a few of these bulbs at your local craft store for discounted prices.

Marry Christmas Bulb

For full instructions, see my original post. Below is the bulb that I made with our wedding invites. I was happy that we had lots of different elements: doilies, purple and gold papers and gold ribbon. I also added some glitter that I had used for our table numbers.

Marry Christmas Bulb!

A bulb that my friend Marie made from her wedding this year!

Engagement Bulb

One of my best friends was living in Hawaii when we were engaged. She sent a bouquet of roses to us on the night of our engagement. It meant so much to me and I wanted to preserve them somehow. I ended up filling a bulb with the rose pedals. I think the pedals dried prettier inside the bulb since they didn't crumble or break like they would have if I had dried them beforehand. However, I had to be careful about keeping the ornament top off and periodically shaking up the pedals so that they did not get moldy.

Wedding Bouquet Bulb

I put together a pretty shadow box with my wedding bouquet (post coming soon!) but also had some extra flowers left over. I ended up filling another bulb with the dried pedals from my wedding bouquet. This is also a unique thing to hang on the tree and another way to preserve a little bit of the wedding.

Marry Christmas Bulb with Wedding Bouquet Flowers

As always, these ornament ideas do not have to pertain to weddings! You could cut up a baby announcement, preserve Valentine's Day flowers that your father sent you, fill a bulb with sand from a trip you just took or insert movie stubs and receipts from date nights with your significant other. There are just so many ways to make a meaningful but simple ornament to enjoy for years to come.

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