Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Years Resolutions

It is a new year! New goals, new challenges, new aspirations.

Writing goals is something that my family grew up doing. While we usually complained about it, I have learned over the years that making goals helps to cultivate a more full appreciation for the accomplishments over the course of a year. Goals are also a wonderful way to make life happen instead of letting life happen. This year, my husband and I used a little road map for making goals that we really enjoyed. I have shared it below in case anyone is interested!

Make one BIG goal for 2015
(ie. Go to Europe, Finish your Scrapbook, Find a New Job, Renovate your Kitchen, etc.)

Next make goals for:
  • Money
  • Family
  • Health
  • Home
  • Faith
  • Work

Think about and make goals for:
A habit to make
A habit to break
A skill to master
A book to read
Somewhere new to go

Kind of cool to think about, right? I also came up with a daily set of goals to remind myself about. My mantras for 2015 include:

Be Brave || See the Good || Exercise Patience || Be Kind || Forgive Easily

Since I am a visual person, I decided to make some reminders to put around the house and at work. One of my projects included a gold and black canvas of "Be Brave."

DIY Be Brave Canvas

- Canvas (I used an 8x10)
- Gold paint (You can use any color) or gold foil
- Additional paint in desired color (I used black paint)
- Letter cutouts, painters tape or sticker stencils
- Top coating as desired (I used glossy finishing spray)

1. Cover canvas with the paint color that you want the letters to appear in. I attempted to use gold foil on a canvas but it was a bit of a painstaking process. I would suggest using a gold spray paint for a project like this.
2. Using your stencil letters/cutouts/tape, cover the areas that you want in your base color. I used sticker stencils to make my letters stay gold.
3. Spray or paint over the letters to make your top color. In my case, I covered the whole canvas in black.
4. Let the paint dry a bit before peeling away the letters/cutouts/tape.
5. I sprayed a glossy top coat for a shiny visual but you could leave as is if you like a matte look.

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