Friday, January 23, 2015

Little Wedding Details

If you have followed our blog at all, you have probably read my love of little details. I am such a sucker for details. As I have shared in some of my previous wedding posts, I found the little details to be a huge part of making our wedding day special.

Every bride has her "thing." It is important to find what means the most to you and your future husband. For example, I see many brides who incorporate custom hangers for dresses with the bride's future last name and/or the bridesmaids' names. These are a sweet gift and make the dress pictures very fun! Obviously, jewelry is another big one since each bride has a different idea of how they want their jewelry to play into their wedding day look.

I wanted to share what a few little details from my wedding day. I still adore each of them!

Phone Case: Amazon
Earrings: J. Crew Factory
Shoes: Saks Off 5th Ave (Kate Spade)

Phone Case: Amazon
I really wanted a "wifey" article in my wedding day ensemble. I had seen t-shirts, sweatshirts and bags with "wifey" printed on them but were a bit pricey. I did a lot of research over several weeks and finally found this phone case! I loved that it was subtle but so fun.

Earrings: J. Crew Factory
As for my earrings, I didn't find these until about two weeks before our big day. I had purchased another pair of earrings that were close but not quite what I was looking for. I spent months looking for the perfect earrings that fit into my style and vision. I finally found them and they were worth the months of digging!

Shoes: Saks Off 5th Ave (Kate Spade)
These shoes were actually one of the pieces that I wasn't waiting for or intensely researching. I came across these as I was walking through Saks Off 5th Ave on a break from work. Saks Off 5th Ave has incredible prices on designers so I found these $250 shoes for a very affordable price that I could not resist. These beauties were my reception shoes.

Vows with a Cross
Sometimes brides do not have a lot of extra budget to spend on little things. Thankfully, some things money can't buy! The following are a couple wedding details that we made a part of our day that we did not have to account for in the wedding expenses.

Wooden Cross: Family Heirloom
We used a wooden cross that my dad had since coming to the faith during our wedding ceremony. We actually held the cross while we said our vows and now the cross hangs in our bedroom to remind us of the vows that we made that day. For better or for worse.

DIY Wine Cork Initial:
I loved our wine cork M and wrote a post with full instructions after the wedding, check it out here. We used corks from showers, friends' weddings, girls' nights and from friends and family. This was a special way to bring natural purple, our wedding color, into our reception decor and celebrate a new last name. It now is displayed proudly in our home.

Tie: Macys (Calvin Klein)
Shoes: DSW (Cole Haan)
Socks: Kohls (Marc Anthony)

If you need any ideas for your groom, I can attest to the tie, shoes and socks being some important details for my husband. He still feels (and looks!) like a million bucks when he wears his wedding shoes. While he initially complained about shoe shopping, once we found a few viable options, he was all on board. Make sure your hubby feels like he gets a few details of his own on the big day. Help to make him feel extra amazing because let's be honest, all eyes will glued to the bride!

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