Monday, January 26, 2015

Little Wedding Details : Part 2

Aren't Lisa's little wedding details adorable?! Being a part of her big day was such a special and memorable experience for me, but knowing all the work that she put into the details made me appreciate the whole day even more! I know when I was planning my wedding, it was those small details that represented Dave and I that became the fun focus. Then seeing it all come together, was just a big bow on an already perfect day.

My Mother's Garter: When I was going to pick a garter to wear I wasn't too picky. I figured "something blue" since my color was turquoise would be appropriate.  As Dave and I had decided against the garter toss I knew it really would just be a special something for me. I also really wanted something from my mom to serve as my "something old" and although we had decided not to revamp her wedding dress and that I'd go with a new one she did pass down a special piece for me. From her wedding box she pulled out the garter she'd worn that her own mother had sewn for her. And not only was it a piece representing my mom, but Lisa and mys grandma who couldn't be there to celebrate our days with us.

It was perfect, a little out of style, but I loved it all the more.  It was my "something old", "something blue" and "something borrowed" all rolled into one. I couldn't believe how perfect it was!

Favorite Flowers: Hydrangeas : I am in love with hydrangeas and wish I could have a whole garden full. I would move to Cape Cod, MA just to be able to take in the beautiful assortment of hydrangeas grown out there. Apparently, other people are just as obsessed as I am. There's a club and everything! Being able to have those in my bridesmaid bouquets and centerpieces made me light up whenever I saw or smelled them, and there were a lot of hydrangeas.

See our choices in Our Bride and Bridesmaid Bouquets.

First Dance Song: "Forever" by Chris Brown: Not every couple on their wedding day is lucky enough to have a first dance song that truly was their first. When it came to choosing our dance song, it was a no brainer. "Forever" was the first song we had danced to when we started dating and whenever it would come on (which it would frequently do to popularity) we'd have that shared look and smile. And since we are both dancing fiends, a song with a beat and some romance was just the ticket.

See my First Dance Lyric Frame.

Father-Daughter Song Butterfly Kisses:  That too was extremely easy to pick. I still have memories of my dad singing this song when he would be tucking me in at night. He'd give me butterfly kisses before saying goodnight. It's funny how little I was and yet those memories are still so clear. So when it came down to Brown eyed girl which he'd also sing, the butterfly kisses seemed the perfect gift to give my dad to say I never forgot those butterfly kisses at night.

Personalized Table Names: Together Dave and I came up with some table names that fit our stories together. Intended for our guests to know a little bit more about us as a couple, they were a mixture of humor and fond memories. Dave wrote all the names and stories for each table, an important wedding contribution I thought.  A few included: Coldstone, Chapel Walk, Guitar Hero, Statue of David, Marie-isms, Cedar Point etc.
Check out what Math Wedding Table Names look like at my in-laws wedding.

Couple's Crossword: We featured a crossword on the back's of our ceremony programs and at our wedding reception.  Thought it was a great way for everyone to discover some interesting things about us. It was just another way to tell our friends and family more stories and fun facts about us as a couple and the journey we've been on. Fun to make, fun to play. See the crossword featured in my post "Personalize Your Wedding: Guest Favors" for ideas.

Bridal Memory Book: A memory book for the bride on her wedding, this was designed by my ladies for me to open on the big day.  It was a book about our past together and encouragement for my future with Dave. For something so memorable it's hard to believe how easy it is. What a truly special wedding gift! Follow the blog post for how to make the perfect bridal memory book!

Looking back it's so hard to pick my favorite details.  All that planning and work was worth it for those small details. Those small pieces made the wedding more Dave and Marie-ish, and allowed us to share our love and joy with everyone we loved, which is exactly what that day should be about.....but thank goodness we never have to get married again.

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