Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Personalize Your Wedding: Drinks & Desserts

Adding that touch of "you" into your wedding is what makes it special.  Everyone has their favorites when it comes to desserts and drinks, and your wedding is the perfect opportunity to showcase that! Get fun and creative, it's hard to go wrong in the dessert department!

My in-laws had chosen, Blushing Bride and Mint to Be, as their signature drinks. Awww is right.

The following were some drink names I had made when considering a signature drink element.
Marry Me Mojito
The Best Man - groom's favorite drink
Something Blue - blue colored drink like a blue thai mojito
"You're a Peach" Peach Mint Julep

Others I've seen:
Golden Groom
French Kiss
The Manly Man
The Girly Girl
The Holy Matrimony

Dessert Shooters / Mini Martinis

Bailey's Irish Cream
Carmel Pecan
Berries and Cream
Strawberry Shortcake
Banana Split
Peanut Butter Cup
Pumpkin Pie
Salted Nut Roll
South of the Border
Triple Chocolate
Toffee Crunch



Dessert Trays

Featured at a lot of weddings as part of the dessert options offered by the venue, these finger desserts are always a hit. Everyone gets a small taste of a variety of delectable desserts, and can go back for seconds too!

Some favorite options:
*chocolate dipped strawberries
*mini eclairs
*mini cannolis
*cream puffs
*mini cheesecakes
*mini pies
*mousse cups
*berry trifle
*chocolate dipped pretzel rods
*apple crisp
*petit fours

Candy Bar 

I love candy and thought a candy bar was a fun snackable treat option for guests at our reception. Our cousin Apryl also had a candy bar at her wedding, which I visited frequently I might add.

And Lisa's brother Matt and sister-in-law/best friend Mary had a candy bar featured at their wedding. Super adorable check out Lisa's M&M blog post

MAIN Dessert
Ideas to have at your wedding and put a personalized unique spin, keep an eye out for our Cake_Cupcakes_Candy_Cake pops_ice Cream_Cookies blog post (coming soon!)

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