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Personalize Your Wedding: Guest Favors

There are soooo many ideas out there to personalize your wedding and give your guests a favor that is so you two.  The idea of giving guests favors has developed more recently and continued to gain in popularity.  Although it's a thoughtful expression of your thanks to your friends and family, you don't want to get favors that are going to add to your already increasing wedding expenditures. So here are some ideas that are simple, cute and don't break the bank to send your thanks to your guests.

Candy / Mints

At my wedding since I LOVE candy more than I love dessert I thought it was fitting to offer these as favors.  The plastic cups were for people to use during the reception and the small tuxes and wedding dress boxes scattered around the candy bar were for guests to fill with their favorite treats and take home.  Great for the kids and adults!

Another option besides letting your guests choose their own candy is to fill a small box or bag with some and place it at their table setting.

A recent trend has been to tie in that the couple is "Mint To Be" by putting mints in the packaging.  You can choose from hard candied mints, butter mints, york peppermints, thin mint girl scout cookies, Hershey mint kisses, mint M&Ms etc.

Cake Pops:

A perfect favor are cake pops; decorated to symbolize the bride and groom with each having their favorite flavor represented.

The groom's cake pops are decorated to mimic a tux with a little heart for a boutonniere.  And the bride is swirls of white on an ivory backdrop.  Attach a small tag to each cake pop thanking the guest for being a part of your special day.


If the groom has a hobby of beer brewing giving some specially brewed beer to the wedding guests is just the ticket.  Something made especially from the groom can be a thoughtful way to have your groom's stamp on the wedding.

What is more personalized then homemade beer and custom made labels for the bottle.  Include the couple's names and the wedding date on the custom label to make it a possible keepsake item.

Although an adult favor, for those beer drinkers they couldn't ask for anything better.

Coloring Books for Kids:
Parents will appreciate the entertainment for the little ones

The coloring books can be cute pages custom made by the bride and groom. Some ideas: color the bride's bouquet, draw the bride and groom, decorate the couple's married name, add color to the couple's get away car. 

Golf Pencils

Perfect favors from the golfing couple.

The pencils were perfect to use for completing the couple's crossword. Plus, everyone got a kick out of the golfing pencils labeled with the wedding date and couples names, since the groom was a big lover of golf.

Couple's Wedding Crossword:

We featured a crossword at our wedding reception. Thought it was a great way for everyone to discover some interesting things about us. Fun to make, fun to play.

My husband's dad and his wife at their wedding also had a crossword, fitting since the two of them enjoy completing crosswords. How cute to find out about the couple in an activity modeled after what they enjoy.

Dancing Shoes:
If you don't want your guests dancing in their bare feet, especially if at a nicer reception space offering them the option of flip flops is a great idea.  Plus, in case of debris from a dropped glass not being cleaned up completely, shoes are the safer way to go.

Other Ideas:
mini pumpkins, for a fall wedding
plant seedlings, for "helping your love grow"
canned jam, for you canners out there
ornaments, for a wedding around Christmas season
candles, monogram with couple's names
sunglasses, "don't get blinded by our love"
fans, perfect for outdoor ceremonies
bubbles, to send off the couple

There's lots of ideas out there for wedding favors. Just find something that is special to you and your groom, your guests are sure to love it!!!

More Ways to Personalize

Part of our focus on personalizing your wedding is sharing what we did to personalize our own weddings.  Both of us knew that adding our own touches was what would make our weddings ours, and stand out as a very us wedding amongst the many weddings that occur every year.

A few personalization ideas of Lisa's can be found under Little Wedding DetailsLittle Wedding Details: Part 2 features a few of my favorite parts in my own wedding.

Showing your unity during the wedding ceremony can be done a number of ways, one new trend is through the Sand Unity Ceremony.

See our choices in Our Bride and Bridesmaid Bouquets.

Photos are a timeless and easy way to add the you, into your wedding.  Whether it's in photos of the couple, of family/ancestors, a photobooth for guests, there are many opportunities to Personalize Your Wedding: with Photos.

And ideas on how to Personalize Your Wedding: Drinks and Desserts to please your guests and add your own delectable favorites.

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