Monday, September 22, 2014

Monogram DIY Projects

Being recently married, I have this ridiculous desire to monogram everything with my new initials. I was giddy over the monogrammed hot pads that a family friend knit us for our kitchen and I have enjoyed rocking my "M" necklace that was a gift from my fiance shortly before the wedding. I recently posted my monogram cork project but wanted to also explore a couple other ways to bask in the simple beauty of one's initials.

Monogram Clothing:

These days, you can get cute monogrammed t-shirts, tank tops and countless other accessories from Etsy. I decided to go a different route and have my mom use her nifty sewing machine for monogrammed tank tops for my bridesmaids and attendants for the morning of my wedding.

It was easy to find some comfortable, dry-fit tanks in a bright, blushing pink online. I laid out all of the tanks with the corresponding initials and we picked out a nice gray color for the stitching. We decided to keep the font on the medium setting so that the monograms were subtle and classy.

The end result was adorable and all the girls looked great! I purchased a matching style tank in gray and my mom sewed "Mrs" onto it so that I complimented the other ladies. It made for the perfect thank you gift to the girls and it is something that they can wear again and again!
Helping with Marie's makeup on my wedding day!

Monogram Letters:

There are probably a hundred different options but these two are my recent favs. These would be especially cute in a little girl's bedroom.

Flower Letter: Your local craft store should have hollow cardboard letters. Use a sharp knife to cut the top off and fill with flower foam. Fill with silk flowers for a dramatic and colorful effect.

Fabric Letter: If you are ambitious, you could cover a cardboard letter with fabric yourself. I purchased a pre-covered letter from the craft store. I used paper flowers to create a sweet and simple decor on the letter. You could add a matching ribbon to make it wall-hanging friendly.

Fabric Letter with Paper Flowers for my Niece's Baptism

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