Monday, August 25, 2014

Cork Letter Craft

This cork project was months and months in the making. Mostly because I refused to just buy a bunch of corks but instead, I asked family and friends to save their corks. I felt like it would be more special to use 100 wine corks from many wonderful times had amongst friends. There were corks from my friend Marie's wedding, from one of my work events, from my parents, from our engagement party and Joe's sister Liz even saved us a whole boxful from her work.

After I knew that we had enough corks, I set to work on the rest of the needed materials. I found a big letter "M" from my local Michaels store. I have not seen that size at any other locations so I think that the sizes and styles depend on your store. I spray painted the letter purple and set to work organizing the corks while it dried.

I wanted the cork letter to have a mixture of cork colors and styles. I carefully aligned the purple shades so that I could easily spot the different contrasts and grab the cork I needed. I used a hot glue gun and started the process. I was careful to make sure the bottom row of corks would stand the letter up straight when set down.

This was used on the guest book table at our wedding and will grace our home now in post-wedding glory. I am already looking forward to my next cork project!

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