Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Embroidered Herb Hand towels

Aren't these hand towels just the cutest to brighten up a kitchen in the summer! My mother-in-law bought these at a church fundraiser for charity, and I was so in love with them, she gifted them to us to brighten up our new kitchen. 

Considering that I'm not gifted in the sewing, knitting, embroidery categories, the fact that someone can create these is pretty amazing.  Since I can't create them, I love that I have the opportunity to enjoy and use other people's skills, and in this case it's in the form of hand towels.

If you're ever looking for creative ideas for items to donate towards a church fundraiser these are totally doable.  Or if you're gifted in this department the towels would be perfect for wedding gifts for a new couple starting out, or as a housewarming gift also. 

Just grab some quality plain white hand towels, and then embroider different popular herbs onto them.  I like that with this style it's a picture of the herb and then the name of the herb. 

My towels include: mint, chive, thyme, sage, cumin.
Other ideas could be: parsley, basil, oregano, lavender etc.

I can't wait to pull these out again at the start of next summer.  They inspire me to get out planting to bring those same delicious herbs into my kitchen and incorporate them into tasty dishes. 

Perhaps, these will inspire you to create some herb hand towels of your own. Whether you keep them or give them away to liven up someone else's kitchen, these specially crafted towels are a unique touch to the kitchen. 

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