Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Seattle in 24 Hours

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I was able to spend a little time in Seattle not too long ago. I was really looking forward to this trip since I have never been to Seattle or even to Washington State for that matter.

While it was a short work trip, it was still an adventure. I hopped off the plane and drove two hours outside of the city to a beautiful area near El Clum, Washington. Talk about stunning views that will take your breath away. I had to drag myself indoors when it got dark out. The mountains are beautiful and majestic. I can see why people are drawn to live near them. And the constant wind through the trees was mesmerizing.

After the event ended on the second day, I was able to sneak into the city of Seattle before heading to the airport. I was awed at the gorgeous bodies of water and bridges going into the city. It made me want to abandon my car and jump onto a boat. I love Minnesota boating and would be blown away to have mountains in the background!

I was able to walk around the classic Pike Place Market and even experience a few small fish throws. If you are unaware, Pike Place Market is one of Seattle's trademarks. It was founded in 1907 and is a central area that many shops and restaurants are centered around.

Right outside of the Market is the original Starbucks. I was a really excited to grab a cup of coffee from this iconic stop. Due to historic preservation guidelines, the store is required to keep its signage and structure the same on the outside. I was told that the line usually goes out the door and around the corner. I lucked out and had a short wait. It was worth it to get my "You are Here" mug!

The last thing that I was able to sneak a peek of was the Seattle Space Needle. This, of course, is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. While there are a number of places throughout the city to see a beautiful view, no one can deny this awesome-looking structure.

From the very small snippet that I was able to experience, I really loved Seattle. The absolutely gorgeous view of Mt Remier on the way to the airport didn't hurt either :)


  1. Hi Lisa!! Lovely blog. I SO want to see Seattle someday. The Pacific Northwest is high on my bucket list :)

    1. You definitely should! I had been to the Portland area a couple of times but never up to Seattle. It is absolutely lovely, I highly recommend it. Thanks for reading!