Friday, August 15, 2014

Roommate Locator Board

This is a project for all those college students out there.  College is chalk full of opportunity and nobody wants to miss out on any of it. Everyone is busy.  Even if busy sometimes means napping.  With so much going on coordinating time with your roommate can sometimes be tough especially if you can't keep track of your roommate's schedule.  Here's a solution.

A useful craft to make, to help keep your roommate's classes, work and comings and going is through this board.  When I lived in a college dorm, Melanie and I turned this into a craft activity and the result was a locator board.  We posted it outside our dorm room and it was so helpful, not only for us, but friends who stopped by unexpectedly.  I had a hard enough time remembering where and when I was supposed to be somewhere, let alone a roommate or more too.  Plus, since we had two campuses, that just doubled all our possible locations.  With the board I could then contact her if I too wanted to eat, or meet her at the workout center.  However, if I saw she was at work or class I knew we'd just meet up later.  Yes cell phones can contact you whenever, but doing it multiple times a day wasn't courteous, especially if someone is in class/a meeting etc.  If you live with more than one roommate, making a board for all of you will only enhance your communication.

-2 foam sheets (sturdy but lightweight)
-scrapbook paper and plain white paper
-scrapbooking stickers (theme that fits you both)
-magnet strips
-foam letters
- markers

1)  Attach foam sheets together to help on sturdiness.  Then attach scrap paper with tape or glue to the foam sheet leaving room at the top for your names.
2)  Using foam letters spell your names at the top.
3)  Add the location possibilities by writing in marker or stickers on plain paper.  Example: library, class, workout center, etc. Cut out and place in a column in the center of the scrapbook paper
4)  Attach small magn
et squares on either side of the center column, creating two new columns.  Need one column of magnets centered under each of the roommate's names.
5)  You then pick a token or sticker to represent you and attach a magnet to the piece.

Have some bonding time with your roommate and create this craft together.  It's fun to shop for the materials together and then assemble.  Make your lives easier and clearly communicate with one another through your own Roommate Locator Board.

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