Monday, September 29, 2014

Coffee Craze - International Coffee Day

One of my self-proclaimed mantras is, "Coffee is my friend."

And that is as true as ever. Coffee opens my eyes in the morning. It cools me in the summer and warms me in the winter. It makes me a coherent person in the mornings. It goes with breakfast and dessert and any meal in between. It can be drank a little bitter or a little sweet. Coffee is a must have daily indulgence.

Today is International Coffee Day! Did you know that there are 100 million Americans who daily have a cup of Joe? Or did you know that the annual amount of money spent on specialty coffee is about 18 billion dollars? (Both stats found here)

Tip for Healthier Coffee Drinking

Keep the sugar content low.

The added sugar in coffee can actually cause you to crave more sugar. Coffee with a little added natural cream is actually a low calorie drink and quiet delicious. But the added sugar is not good for your system and multiple cups a day causes an unhealthy habit. Also, stay away from artificial sweeteners!

But make sure to indulge in that frothy mocha or latte every once in awhile so that is a special treat.

Coffee Tips to Perfect your Cup of Joe

One wonderful little tip is to warm up your mug before brewing your coffee. The coffee stays warmer longer and you immediately feel cozy when you sit down to enjoy your cup of brew.

And don't forget to clean out your coffee maker periodically with white vinegar. Your coffee maker will thank you as will your morning schedule and best of all, your delectable cup of coffee!

DIY Idea for Coffee Lovers

It wouldn't be a TITC post if I didn't leave you with a DIY idea. Try filling a vase or container with coffee beans to hold pens, makeup brushes or a candle. Coffee is a great odor eliminator and of course, leaves an amazing smell.

Happy Coffee Day to my fellow coffee obsessed friends!!

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