Tuesday, June 24, 2014

M&M Candy Bar

My older brother Matt got married to my best friend from childhood, Mary, around this time last year. Because of their matching first initial of "M," throughout the proposal, the engagement and wedding there was a hint of "m&m" candy theme. One of the many fun ways that they played up the ever popular candy theme was an m&m bar at the wedding reception.

I had the pleasure of working on the candy bar for the happy couple. I started by buying a number of massive bags of m&ms from Sam's Club. The plain and peanut m&ms were the best bang for our buck. I dumped each bag out into a large pan and had a container for each candy color. I made sure to keep the plain and peanut candies separate. After sorting them all, I started the search for some interesting dishes to creative a visually pleasing candy bar table. 

I purchased two wooden "m"s and an "&" from Michaels and hot glued "l"s on the back of each to keep them upright. I then painted each wood piece orange, one of the wedding colors. The result was really cute and the colors were bright and vibrant! We used little dixie cups for people to fill throughout the night. It was a great, simple idea for a candy bar!

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