Monday, June 2, 2014

Baby Gender Reveal

Just like Save the Dates are a recent trend in the bridal world, baby gender reveal parties are new in the baby world. While some see this as over excessive and a way for the industry to make more money, I think it is fantastic! This is a great way for parents to get excited for not only their first but their second, third, fourth or maybe even eighth child. Since you do not continue having showers after your first child, a baby reveal party is a wonderful way to celebrate with family and friends the newest little life that you are bringing into your family.

My eldest brother scoffed at this idea until their second kiddo was on the way. They went to the ultrasound and had the doctor write the gender on a slip of paper. They had a friend on stand by to color some white frosting either pink or blue before it was piped into the center of a cake. The chocolate cake was tempting us all when we arrived but first, we all had a chance to write down our guesses. My brother and sister-in-law cut the cake and revealed the pink frosting.. "It's a girl!!"

What a fun and thrilling way to find out about my newest little niece! There are some adorable and fun ideas for revealing the baby gender, I have posted some of my favorites below and on our Pinterest page!

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