Monday, June 16, 2014

Pink vs. Blue Gender Reveal

My husband's twin brother and wife are expecting! To celebrate the new baby and reveal the gender they had a party for the family, with a Pink vs. Blue theme.

Gender reveals are already fun, but this theme get's everybody into the competitive Boy vs. Girl idea.  If you're looking for other ideas on incorporating blue and pink check out our pinterest page or other Baby Gender Reveal ideas on our blog.  Whether it's colored silly string, paint, confetti or colored desserts, you have lots of creative options to share your news! 

There are so many props and decoration that you can pull together for a gender reveal, especially if you're going with Pink vs. Blue. The options seem almost endless!  My sister-in-law and her mother had some great ideas and applied some pinterest ingenuity to pull off a sweet baby reveal.

First off, guests choose a blue or pink beaded necklace for their guess of the baby's gender.  Their choice aided by the results of some old wives tales displayed on a board.

Blue and pink balloons add pops of colors around the space, and you can even have "It's a Boy vs. It's a Girl" balloons.  Use pink and blue streamers intertwined or separate the colors to delineate spaces.

One of my favorite parts of the decoration was their decision to divide up the main table into blue and pink.  The colored table cloths and dinnerware make a bright statement, and then having the center division accented by pink and blue flowers really pops!  The tray of cupcakes are even sorted between the two colors! Then you have matching colored candy stationed on each side.  Other candy ideas are to use Hershey candy bars and color the "He" in blue and "She" in pink on the candy bars. Colored mint wrappers are also an easy treat to set out and add to the color scheme.

When it came to the reveal they decided to go with cupcakes, the gender disguised in the filling.... 

It's a GIRL!!!!
HOORAY! A new niece to welcome into the family.  
Congratulations Ted and Andrea on your precious baby girl, we can't wait to meet her!

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